The ANDO Meeting is the biennial event organized by ANDO Portugal, the National Association for Skeletal Dysplasias, which was founded on 26 May 2015 and whose mission is to support people and families by providing guidance and support on socio-economic, educational, legal and health issues, raise awareness about rare bone conditions, and collaborate with medical and scientific research.

The 6th ANDO Meeting will be held on the 1st of June 2024 in the Portuguese city of Aveiro, at the Museum of Saint Joana, a location of great cultural and architectural importance. Its goal is to inform and bring together people with skeletal dysplasia, families, health professionals, and institutional representatives, by promoting the participation in cultural activities and informative sessions related to skeletal dysplasias, and encouraging the sharing of experiences between all.

The 2024 edition takes place alongside the celebrations for World Children’s Day and Aveiro Portuguese Capital of Culture, which is why ANDO is committed to providing an enriching experience both for young people and on a cultural level. Please note that the event will be in Portuguese.

Event summary

Event 6th ANDO Meeting
Date 1st June
Location Museum of Saint Joana
Av. Santa Joana, 3810-164 Aveiro, Portugal
Organisation Ando Portugal
Registration Register for event