ERN BOND is one of the 24 existing European Reference Networks (ERNs). In particular, ERN BOND aims to improve access to high-quality healthcare for patients suffering from rare bone diseases.


ERN BOND aims to implement measures that facilitate multidisciplinary, holistic and patient-centred care provision for people living with rare bone disorders, ensuring realisation of their fundamental human rights.


The ambition of ERN BOND is to bring rapid interchange of information, skills and practice to shorten time to diagnosis and treatment, supporting patients affected by rare bone diseases and their families.

ERN BOND network

ERN BOND is a collaborative network of 47 expert centres, located in 20 different European countries.
The addition of 6 Affiliated Partners increase the accessibility of the ERNs to patients from non represented EU countries

ERNs for rare and complex diseases

European Reference Networks are unique and innovative cross-border cooperation platforms between specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases. 24 thematic ERNs, gathering over 900 highly specialised healthcare providers from 26 countries, are working together on a wide range of issues, from bone disorders to haematological diseases, from paediatric cancer to immunodeficiency.

The story of Elisa

ERNs for rare and complex diseases

European Reference Networks allow doctors to share their knowledge, data and resources. Here’s the story of Elisa, who suffers from a complex bone disorder.