Genetic and Genomics of Skeletal Disorders”, ‘Genes’ Journal Special Issues, including rare skeletal diseases sub-topic
Rare Skeletal Diseases”, Tabloid di Ortopedia Column (Articles in Italian only)

List of scientific publications related to ERN BOND

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How to acknowledge ERN BOND?

In the table below there are the three ways to acknowledge ERN BOND, according to the different situations occurred. The acknowledgements are to be used in publications, clinical trials, educational activities or guidelines

Acknowledgement to ERN BOND Situation
“The two (or more) of the several authors of this publication are member(s) of the European Reference Network for rare BONe Diseases – Project ID No 739543” A general option that members can use regardless of there being 2 or more HCPS involved. This gives attention to the existence of ERN without it acknowledging any direct input from it.
“This work is generated within the European Reference Network for rare BONe Diseases” An option that an HCP can choose to add if the work has come into being by the work carried out by at least 2 or more ERN members working within the structure of the network (WP/SNW)
“This study/project/publication/Guidelines/survey has been supported by ERN BOND, which is partly co- funded by the European Union within the framework of the Third Health Programme “ERN- 2016 – Framework Partnership Agreement 2017-2021.” If funding is allocated to a publication/ project/etc*.. This will eventually apply but it is not yet the case for the moment.

From the “Continuous Monitoring of ERNs version V.3 – ERN Monitoring WG