The Research Mobility Fellowships aims to support PhD students, Postdocs and medical doctors in training
to undertake scientific visits fostering specialist research training, on rare diseases, outside their countries
of residence. The exchange can be carried out within the same ERN (Full Members and Affiliated Partners), between
different ERNs (Full Members and Affiliated Partners) and between ERN Full Members / Affiliated Partners
and non-ERN institutions.

Either home or host (secondment) institution must be a Full Member or Affiliated Partner of an ERN at the
time when the application is submitted, as well as during the proposed period of the training stay.
Successful applicants should acquire new competences and knowledge related to their research on rare
diseases, with a defined research plan and demonstrable benefit to the ERN of the home and/or host
institution. The research mobility fellowships are meant to cover stays of 4 weeks to 6 months duration.
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