• 9 – 10 September 2021
  • Auditorium, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Deadline for registration: 31 May 2021

Intranodal MR lymphangiography is an imaging technique that allows for the central lymphatic vessels to be visualized. Lymph flow problems exist in many rare diseases, particularly in central conducting lymphatic anomaly and generalized lymphatic anomaly and its associated syndromes, such as Noonan. Some cases of primary lymph edema may also have abnormalities in the central lymph vessels. Consequently, the potential applications of this technique are of interest to several ERNs that cover diseases with a known or potential lymphatic component in their pathophysiology. In VASCERN, at least 2 working groups cover diseases that cause a problem in lymph flow. In addition, Noonan syndrome is in the area of expertise of ERN-ITHACA. Therefore, this workshop will offer the opportunity to further strength cross-ERN collaboration and establish new ones for the study of lymph flow problems.

Concept: Face to face workshop with a small group (20-25) of European specialists with specific interest in developing and implementing MR lymphangiography.
It will consist of both presentations by experts in the field of lymph flow as well as hands-on sessions to train participants in interpreting MR lymphangiography. Suggestions for cross-ERN scientific studies will be discussed and start-ups will be encouraged during the event.

Aim: to learn about lymph anatomy and physiology as well as diagnostic and therapeutic options available for rare disease patients with lymph flow disorders (lymphatic malformations, central lymph edema, Noonan syndrome and several others), with a specific attention to the innovative intranodal MR lymphangiography technique. This workshop will be an opportunity for participants to network and get acquainted with each other in order to collaborate in clinical and preclinical research studies involving this technique.

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