The KBVR / SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group is pleased to announce you that the Bone Curriculum Symposium and the PreSymposium Course on Rare Bone Diseases will take place on 12-13 March 2020 in Ghent (Belgium).

The intention of the Bone Curriculum is to provide high quality continuous education for clinicians interested in seeing or treating patients with osteoporosis or bone diseases and is a structured educational programme for rheumatology and other bone-interested medical trainees. In this context, the lectures mainly cover up-to-date basic knowledge, overviews and reviews. Interactive participation is encouraged.

The Pre-Symposium Course on Rare Bone Diseases provides general information and reports on various rare bone diseases to bone interested second-line clinicians and also intends to be an educational and exchange platform for dedicated bone specialists.

How can you take part?

The online registration form is available here. When your registration is completed successfully, you will receive an automatic registration confirmation. Further information and the symposium programme are available here.

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