ERN BOND has a defined organisational structure that identifies the bodies responsible for specific aspects of network management, and outlines the decision-making procedures.

The Coordinator is the supervisor of the overall progress of the Network activities and acts also the intermediary between the European Commission and other ERNs as well. The Coordinator chairs and facilitates the Steering and Management Committees meetings. The Coordinator is supported by the Coordination Team including project managers and the CPMS Helpdesk manager as well.

The Management Committee (MC), the operational body, comprises the HCP representatives and the patient representatives. This board is responsible for the operational structure of the ERN and for the completion of its activities and tasks in the proposed time. Each representative has the right to vote on decisions to be taken.

The Steering Committee (SC), the decision-making body, is composed by the Working Group leaders and 2 patient representatives. SC members take responsibility for creating an inclusive and democratic style of project governance during the overall implementation of the activities. 

The Scientific Advisory Board is focused on overseeing the quality of the technical deliverables and its timely completion. It is responsible for giving scientific advice, providing foresight and help with ongoing and coming priorities. SAB members are nominated, through voting, by Management Committee and Steering Committee. 

All the activities are carried out within the 9 Working Groups. Each WG has two leaders in charge to manage the WG scientific activities. Patient representatives are present in each WG and work together with the experts.

ERN BOND Governance Structure