ERN BOND aims to support patients and their families dealing with rare bone diseases, ensuring accessibility to and appropriateness of healthcare and social services. Never before it has been more important for ERN BOND to operate for these patients.
This section has been created to become a hub for RBD patients who need information and clinicians treating COVID19 patients who are affected by a RBD.

ERN BOND is continuously striving to monitor the COVID-19 situation by collecting experiences and initiatives from healthcare professionals, experts, health authorities and patient associations from different countries with the final goal to provide an immediate support to rare patients suspected with COVID-19 infection.

Different initiatives and actions have been (and are being) implemented at European and Italian levels:

In addition, COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations produced worldwide useful for RBD patients have been collected and made available for consultation.

ERN BOND contributed to the EU webinar series «COVID-19 and ERNs» with a presentation on «Providing high-quality care remotely to patients with Rare Bone Diseases during COVID-19 pandemic”.