During COVID-19 emergency, ERN BOND creates a 24-hour Help Line

ERN BOND, the European Network for Rare Bone Diseases, creates a 24-hour Help Line. This telephone line will be a useful contact channel between patients with rare bone diseases who have contracted (or suspected with) Covid-19 and ERN BOND experts.

In addition, healthcare professionals that have never dealt with rare diseases can call the helpline in case they need specific advice on RBD patients with COVID-19, asking for important information to correctly proceed in patient care.

This Help Line was created in collaboration with the Federazione delle Associazioni di Persone con Malattie Rare d’Italia (UNIAMO FIRM) and with the Associazione Italiana Osteogenesi Imperfetta (As.It.O.I.).

You can contact the Help Line 24 hours a day by calling or sending a whatsapp to the number:  (+39) 331 1728796

At the moment, the helpline is available only in Italy, but the possibility to replicate it in other countries is currently under discussion.

More info in the COVID-19 emergency section.